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안녕하세요! 你好! Buenas tardes! Boa tarde! Boa tarde! Bonjour! Guten Tag! здравствуйте! Buongiorno! السلام عليكم! Selamat siang! Jambo! नमस्ते! สวัสดี! Magandang araw! καλημέρα! xin chào! Сайн байна уу? Selamat tengahari!

Thank you for seeing our website.

Want to lose your virginity? If so, how about at Lost Virgin Cafe?

In a friendly atmosphere you can have the first intercourse from our instructor who have a lot of experience in sex with virgin women.

We mainly help women of virgin have the first time without sharp pain by skillful techniques.

What’s Lost Virgin Cafe?

Lost Virgin Cafe is not a coffee shop, but a non-commercial organization providing first sexual experience for women.

We have given the service to over 800 women including non-Jpanese females.

You can lose your virginity at Japanese pop “Love Hotel”. It takes only three hours to accomplish the goal.

For people who come to Japan, we have information services about hotels, sightseeing spots, Japanese culture, and so on.

Stop hesitating and let’s loose your virginity in secure manner at Lost Virgin Cafe now!

Steps to lose your virginity

Fill out the application form below and click the button “Submit”.
Fix the time and place
When you receive auto reply mail from Lost Virgin Cafe, let us know what days would be convenient for you.Let’s fix the cage to meet up in Tokyo.
Lose your virginity
When move to a Love Hotel and take shower, you can have the first sex. Congratulations!!


How much does it cost?

Clients need to cover

  • Service fee 30,000 yen ($300)
  • Love hotel fee of around 5,000 yen ($50).
  • Lubricant fee around 1,000 yen ($10)

Where do the clients receive the service?

At a “Love hotel” in Tokyo. Love hotels are the place for sex in Japan. It is a kind of Japanese pop culture.

Who will give clients the service?

It is Masato, the founder of Lost Virgin Cafe.

When do the clients receive the service in Japan?

Any time you need. Let us know your schedule.

Application form

    Name (*Mandatory)

    E-mail address (*Mandatory)

    Age (*Mandatory)

    Have you infected in genital herpes or oral herpes? (*Mandatory)


    Have you infected in HIV? (*Mandatory)


    Are you taking the contraceptive pill? (*Mandatory)

    The reason why you have decided to apply our service(Optional)

    Please check this box, if you do not have any mistake in writing of your e-mail address.


    Contact us to [info.lostvirgin@gmail.com].