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What is more…with virgin Japanese women.

Do you know that Japanese women want to lose their virginity with non-Japanese guy?

It is quite important ceremony for Japanese women to lose their virginity.

Some of them desire to have the first time with special guy and request us to dispatch non-Japanese guys.

Unfortunately, we at Lost Virgin CAFE consist of Japanese staff only.

What’s Lost Virgin CAFE?

We are not a coffee shop, but a non-commercial organization providing first sexual experience for women.

Matching platform

We provide matching platform to non-Japanese guy and Japanese virgin women who want to try the first time.

When you send us your information, we publish it on our website. You just need to wait message from women.

A recent survey by Tokyo University shows there are as many as three million virgin women in Japan.

Even if only 1% of virgin women in Japan wants to lose their virginity by foreign male, you have 30000 clients at least.

Have a fun time with your clients!!

Please do NOT read after this unless you are seriously motivated. It’s a waste of time.



I met my clients through LVC! I owe them that! Good service and I liked how easy it was to use. It’s more of a communication support now than a shady website that it started out as. The idea was ingenious.


Never thought I would say this in Japan but I found the reason to live on Lost Virgin CAFE. So many bad experiences to go through to get nice one in life in Japan. Keep your head up folks, you will get there.
Thanks LVC.


It’s a great way to start getting back into the relationship until eventually you won’t need it anymore because you’ve finally found that best way. I thought I’ve found right place, and I did for about 2 years.

Steps for “Lost Virgin Support”

You can apply for Lost Virgin Supporter as a candidate from the form as below
You’re required to pass an interview to be a Lost Virgin Supporter. We can meet up in person in Tokyo. NOT all applicant can be the Supporter. Only 19% of candidates could pass so far.
If you pass the interview, please pay the membership fee.
We put your information including contact points (Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, Email) and picture on our website.
Click to Supporters Page
Have a great time with your clients!!
When Japanese woman email to you, it’s your turn. Suppose you chose the membership of “Silver” or “Gold”, reply to your clients and put us in cc. We will translate your email from English to Japanese for your clients. Get laid by Japanese women!!

Special offer Only For Now

You don’t want to miss the clients who contact you, right? We offer attractive support programs for you.

Member Ship


When will my contact information be posted on the website?

It’s right after you pass the interview.

Who will support my communication with Japanese women?

Staff of Lost Virgin CAFE will support you if you select ”Silver” or “Gold” membership.

Where can I sleep with women?

It depends on your clients. Please consult with and decide place for sexual intercourse. We can recommend what is called “Love Hotel”.

How should I penetrate hymen without causing pain to women?

It’s really difficult to do so. We have a course to learn how to have a sex for first time without causing pain to women. Let us know if you need.

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    We do NOT mediate between Japanese women and you. Our service is just to publish your contact information on our website and support your communication with Japanese women. In addition, we do NOT guarantee that you will get contact from Japanese virgin women.